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« 拡散ご協力お願い バージニア州で教科書に東海と日本海を併記する法案 | トップページ | 【告知・拡散希望】 2.5岐阜TPP反対デモ 【支援動画】岐阜TPP反対デモの開催、決定しました »




Do you think this bill should become law?



Public school textbooks; when referring to Sea of Japan, note that is also referred to as East Sea. (SB200)


As we can see in the video in the link, the name of the body of water between Japan and South Korea has nothing to do with the Japanese Imperialism. The name prevailed in European countries by a book, "Reise um die Welt in den Jahren 1803, 1804, 1805 und 1806 auf Befehl Seiner Kaiserliche Majestät Alexanders des Ersten auf den Schiffen Nadeschda und Newa (Journey around the World in the Years 1803, 1804, 1805, and 1806 at the Command of his Imperial Majesty Alexander I in the Ships Nadezhda and Neva)" by Russian Admiral, Adam Johann von Krusenstern in the early 19th century. South Korea's claim that the whole world should follow their local way of calling the sea is nothing but ethnocentrism and self-centeredness. What we must teach our children is that there is rules in the world we should observe. Adopting two names of the sea at schools and supporting a selfish claim by some country will contradict such a goal of education.

我々はリンクビデオを見てわかるように日本韓国との間のボディ名前は、日本帝国主義とは何の関係もありません名前"デンJahren1803、18041805年にReise UMダイウェルトウント1806アウフBefehl地引き網漁師Kaiserliche Majestät AlexandersErstenアウフデンSchiffen Nadeschdaウントネバの1803年に世界の1804年までに欧州諸国優勢ロシアの提督19世紀初頭におけるアダムヨハンフォンクルーゼンシテルンによる船舶Nadezhdaネヴァ皇帝陛下アレクサンドル1世"コマンド1805年1806年全世界を呼び出して彼らの地元のに従う必要があることを、韓国の主張は、しかし、自民族中心主義自己中心の何物でもありません。私たちは私たちの子供たちを教える必要があります、私たちが守るべき世界ルールがあるということです学校で2つの名前を採用し、いくつかの国利己的な主張サポートする教育ような目標と矛盾するだろう

United States had already use the name of Sea of Japan when USS Susquehanna and commandar Mattew Perry arrival on Japan on 1850's at least.

Korean use the name of Sea of Japan before annexation of 1910. Korean use the name of Sea of Japan in official document, their textbooks, geography books and newspaper. Those are evidence that refute Korean fake claim "the name of Sea of Japan imperialism name" In addition, Korean doesn't protest against the name of Sea of Japan till 1989, that is to say, Korean recognized the name is proper till 1989.

Koreans claim based on Korean govemental nationalistic anti-japan brainwashed proapganda Kim-Jungil or Natiz method which spoiles propaganda against naughty kids. Thier movment against Sea of Japan come from those mad brainwash govermental propaganda.Those kids and parents bear the fury and offensive attitude in mind, is insane.

1850 USSサスケハナ日本commandar Mattewペリー到着最低でもな時、米国既に日本海名称使用していた


韓国人は、に基づいて、請求韓国govemental国家主義的反日洗脳proapganda - Jungilまたはいたずらな子供たちに対するプロパガンダspoiles Natiz方法日本海に対する彼らのムーブメントは、それらの狂った洗脳政府propaganda.Those子供たちから来て、両親は激怒し、不快な態度に耐え非常識です

The concurrent use of the term "East Sea" with "Sea of Japan" clearly contradicts the Federal Government of The United States' view on the terminology of the sea area concerned.

In the daily press briefing on 8th of August 2011, the U.S. State Department Deputy Spokesman Mr. Mark C. Toner asserted, in response to the question regarding the only use of the term "Sea of Japan" on the said area of sea, that "(w)e also use the terminology the Sea of Japan, which is the internationally recognized terminology." and for his backing he mentioned the determination of the U.S. Board on Geographic Names (BGN).

The so-called U.S. Board on Geographic Names is the Federal body created in 1890 and established in its present form by Public Law in 1947. It defines itself as "a central authority" of geographic nomenclature for the Federal Government and the public, and that "(d)ecisions of the Board were accepted as binding by all departments and agencies of the Federal Government."

Although the decisions of BGN is not binding other than the Federal Government, the U.S. citizens and the organizations and such (including the Federal States) are advised to use BGN advocated geographic terms to avoid inconsistencies and contradictions.

On the other hand, the conflict of the term "Sea of Japan" was caused by Korea for the territorial dispute between Japan and Korea for the sovereignty over the so-called Liancourt Rocks, located in the sea area concerned. As the Korean officials have repeatedly been purporting to have the connection between the said terminology conflict and the territorial dispute, it is the highly diplomatic issue, and in my understanding, the U.S. diplomacy is the arbitrary power to which only the Federal Government is allowed to exercise. Therefore, the Commonwealth of Virginia should not commit this political game at first hand, and at all means to avoid any potential row which may cause.

Should this bill to be legislated, the negative effect causes for the Virginia is not only serious damage to the long good relationship with the Government of Japan and its people, but the confrontation of the policy between that of Virginia and of the Federal Government of the United States itself.

In order to evade such political risk, this bill should be abolished.








« 拡散ご協力お願い バージニア州で教科書に東海と日本海を併記する法案 | トップページ | 【告知・拡散希望】 2.5岐阜TPP反対デモ 【支援動画】岐阜TPP反対デモの開催、決定しました »